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December 28th, 2012

Medium: Video game
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (Crisis Core)
Subject: Angeal Hewley/Zack Fair
Title: As Light as Feather
Notes: 14 tracks, zipped.

(I was a fool to drain the world of its life.)

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October 28th, 2007



Welcome to 'DreamsNPride' The first community for the character Angeal Hewley in the new Final Fantasy VII game, 'Crisis Core'. 

Crisis Core is set before the events covered in the short movie 'Last Order', and finishes at the point in which the original game starts at, it follows the story of Zack, and features characters such as Cloud, Aeris, and Sephiroth. There are also new characters such as Genesis, a four year old clone of Sephiroth, and of course Angeal - a 1st Class SOLDIER, and Zack's mentor.

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